Procurement effectiveness assessment

Through a daily control of the global demand-offer-costs trends within the metalpackaging industry, we deliver accurate competitiveness assessments. Any sourcing strategy change comes as the result of an investigation process.

  1. Analyzing past performance, comparing it to industry peers, and evaluating all aspects of the current supply chain, especially those related to the product range and technical requirements
  2. Drafting an improvement map where the areas with potential are crossed with our four generations’ experience in proposing replacing products from our production partners’ portfolio
  3. Following, procurement value becomes a set of supply chain goals
  4. Each goal gets a related action plan, with a precise timeline

Effective procurement actions usually evolve into strategies affecting approximately 20% of can manufacturers total steel and aluminum demand. In the last 10, SFP’s success rate at launching product replacement importing projects has been 92% out of over 250 attempts. Nonetheless, when customers decide not to engage in transitions, they still find mapping results very valuable to confirm their strategies or plan future transitions on their own.

Origins analysis

At SFP we believe successful relationships are those built out of trust and continuity. As a response to globalization, and in need of controlling the evolution of political, capacity, and logistics disruption global events, origins analyses are made available to customers in need of staying up to that with present and planned global capacity evolution. The purpose is not to generate short-midterm impacts, but to give organizations’ decision makers the needed visibility to be prepared for tomorrow’s supply-demand balance.

Supply chain restructuring

To be up to date with global logistics and regulation dynamics has become a full time job, and we dominate it. Our presence in all steel commodities helps us prevent regulation changes and project their impacts on sources and logistics.

Leveraging Steelforce Group’s experience in steel commodities, SFP pioneered bulk vessels for the metalpackaging industry years before it became a necessity. Thus, loading, unloading, transit, and port challenges are today issues we effectively prevent.

SFP’s proposes to its partners a business model where production planning is paired with local stocking solutions that aim to maximize flexibility to in facing delivery requirements.

Working capital optimization

There are times in manufacturers’ history when financing becomes a challenge with new projects requiring significant cash resources.

In the sight of this, SFP is fully committed to offering the highest working capital support in the industry. A set of customized financial solutions, that when combined with local stocking, guarantee an unmatched degree of flexibility. Sourcing turns into cash beneficial and financially risk-free exercise.

Currency hedging

Within global trade, daily sourcing opportunities’ effectiveness usually depends on the ability to turn currencies differences into a competitive advantage. In the years, SFP developed both the capability to buy in all the main steel currencies and to sell with local currency in all its strategic destinations.

Additionally, upon buyers’ request, by anticipating currency hedging, SFP secures price validity throughout negotiations and offsets midterm volatility effects on price.

SFP’s Market Insights

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