Tin Mill Black Plate (TMBP)

Tin mill black plate (TMBP) is a light-gauge steel normally used as raw material for tin-free steel (TFS) or electrolytic tinplate (ETP), however, since prices for those materials are rising, tin mill black plate has been used in general applications for nonfood uses like decorative cans, dry battery jackets, and jewelry boxes. Plus, it can be lacquered or printed directly in the conventional lines used by the metal packaging industry.

Tin Mill Black Plate (TMBP)

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What Is Tin Mill Black Plate (TMBP)?

As noted above, tin mill black plate (TMBP) is a low-carbon steel plate used as raw material for TFS or ETP and for some nonfood applications. One reason for its widespread use is that the material has a chemical composition that imparts special properties to resist corrosion. Another key reason is that the material is coated with a special oil film, which protects the sheet from the humidity found within its working environment and makes it easy to handle. This special oil is applied using an electrostatic oiler on both sides of the sheet.

The tin mill black plate process uses cold-rolled steel, which is steel that is produced by taking hot-rolled steel and putting it through another series of room temperature rollers. This process allows for low ductility, tighter dimensional tolerances, and improved surface qualities.

Advantages of using tin mill black plate include:

  • Increased strength – With its cold-rolled steel construction, tin mill black plate can have up to 20% more strength than materials made via hot-rolled steel, making it ideal for applications that endure significant stress.
  • Improved surface finish – The cold-rolled steel design also allows for a shinier and smoother surface that lacks the presence of rust.
  • Increased precision – Lastly, the cold-rolled steel composition means that tin mill black plate will not shrink following the forming process, facilitating the creation of extremely precise parts and components.

Tin Mill Black Plate Uses

Tin mill black plate can be used for stamped parts, lids and ends, oval and cylindrical two-piece cans, and rectangular cans, all of them for nonfood uses.

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