Tin-Free Steel (TFS)

Commonly called TFS, tin-free steel is a light-gauge, electrolytically coated chromium sheet that’s a more economical alternative to tinplate and primarily used for can ends. Tin-free steel sheets are an excellent base for organic coatings and lithography. In addition to can ends, TFS is also used for lock-seamed can bodies, as well as numerous non-container items.

At Steelforce Packaging, we process coils, straight and scroll cutting sheets, and coated and lithographed sheets that meet industry standards. For more information on how we can assist as your tin-free steel distributor, read on.

Tin-Free Steel (TFS)

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The Components That Make Up Tin-Free Steel

Tin-free steel (TFS), also known as E.C.C.S. (electrolytic chromium-coated steel), is a steel sheet coated on both sides with a double film of metallic chromium, chromium oxide, and oil. Tin-free steel sheets also consist of four elements, each of which performs a different role.

  • Steel base – Provides stiffness to the material due to its thickness and mechanical strength. Its chemical composition also imparts special properties to resist corrosion.
  • Metallic chromium – Supplies the material with some corrosion-resistant features. In general, it is typical for tin-free steel to have corrosion-resistant properties similar to 2.8 g/m2 tinplate.
  • Chromium oxide – Improves sulfur and iron oxide resistance. Ink and varnish adherence depends on this layer.
  • Oil film – Protects the tin-free steel sheet from humidity caused by environmental factors, making it easy to handle. It is applied using an electrostatic oiler on both sides of the sheet.

The Various Uses of Tin-Free Steel Sheets

Tin-free steel can be used for stamped parts, lids and ends, oval and cylindrical two-piece cans, rectangular cans, and crown caps for soft drinks and beer. This is due to the mechanical properties derived from both the temper and type of annealing.

Steelforce Packaging, Your Tin-Free Steel Distributor, Answers Your FAQs

Why is tin-free steel preferred over other materials?

One of the main reasons tin-free steel sheets are preferred over alternative materials is because of their corrosion-resistance. This makes tin-free steel ideal for food-related packaging because the material is resistant to rust and other contaminants, ultimately protecting your inventory.

What industries could benefit from having a tin-free steel supplier?

Companies producing the following products can benefit from working with a tin-free steel distributor for their packaging needs:

Tin-Free Steel (TFS) supplier

  • Food cans
  • Beverage cans
  • Metal caps
  • 18-liter cans
  • Spray cans

Is tin-free steel recyclable?

Yes, tin-free steel sheets can be recycled just like other types of steel.

Besides tin-free steel, what other offerings does Steelforce Packaging provide?

Beyond being your tin-free steel distributor, our team supplies metal packaging utilizing many materials, including:

Let Steelforce Packaging Be Your Tin-Free Steel Supplier

As your tin-free steel distributor, we ensure that your product applications are met with precision and expertise every time.

For more information about how we can best supply tin-free steel for your next project, please reach out to our team today, as we look forward to assisting you.

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