Metal Lacquering Services from Steelforce Packaging

If you’ve been seeking a company that prioritizes experience and ethics, Steelforce Packaging is ready to help. We offer metal lacquering and metal lithography so that you can add value and practicality to your products.

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Metal Lacquering Services from Steelforce Packaging

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What Is Lithographed and Lacquered Steel?

We offer our clients services for lithographed and lacquered metal, for both tinplate (ETP) and tin-free steel (TFS – electrolytic chromium coated steel), from our Barranquilla location in Columbia.

Lacquered and printed tinplate (ETP) and tin-free steel (TFS) are low-carbon steel plates that have been coated or printed with polymeric coatings and inks. These materials are commonly used for cans and can component production for food (sanitary) and industrial applications. The process of metal lacquering and lithography includes coating and/or printing the material to fit the predetermined demands specified by the customer. Generally, steel laminating puts a protective coating on the inside of a can to protect the contents within. Steel lithography is used to add a label directly to the surface, which prevents the need for paper.

Lacquered and Printed Tinplate and Tin-Free Steel Uses

Lacquered and printed ETP and TFS allow brands to have a distinctive design in their cans, enhance the value of the product, and help to keep the internal content stable. This material can be used for stamped parts, lids and ends, oval and cylindrical two- or three-piece cans, rectangular cans, and crown caps for soft drinks and beer.

Our Selection of Coatings and Inks for Steel Lithography and Lacquering

Metal Lacquering Services from Steelforce Packaging

When you utilize our steel lithography and lacquering services, you can choose any of the inks and coatings from our wide range of offerings.

Each case will be determined by the specific needs of the end user and the supplier, however, we can provide almost all coatings and inks from global brands. With that in mind, the types of coatings and inks that can be applied to your steel include:

  • Epoxy phenolic
  • Epoxy ester
  • Organosol
  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Conventional inks (thermal inks)

Why We’re Your Source for Your Metal Lacquering and Lithography Needs

At Steelforce Packaging, we strive to develop long-term partnerships and give our customers the best solutions available. We do this by identifying key sourcing challenges, leveraging our solutions portfolio, and delivering customized strategies that improve value for suppliers and shareholders alike. Our business operates in Europe, Africa, North America, and Latin America using our “Glocal” business model, which prioritizes global reach, scale, and high-quality connections.

We are proud to be the biggest trading and distribution plater in metal packaging based on volume. In 2023 alone, we traded roughly 300.000 MT of steel and aluminum, and we can’t wait to see our business reach new heights with our steel lacquering and lithography services moving forward.

An additional benefit is that our team values honesty, which is illustrated through our transparency. We make pricing, logistics, and industry dynamics clear so that everyone in the process is well-informed. In the case of third-party agreements, we help mills and end-users negotiate directly so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Lacquered And Printed Sheets Availability

Lithographed sheets (Press)
Width mm 710 1130
Length mm 510 960
Maximum printing area mm 1130 (Width) 945 (Length)
Package weight Kg N/A 2500
Package height mm N/A 450
Lacquered sheets
Width mm 710 1130
Length mm 510 970
Maximum printing area mm 1130 (Width) 970 (Length)
Package weight Kg N/A 2500
Package height mm N/A 450


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